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Personality Theories From A Christian Perspective

(updated Nov 2010: Alderian, Gestalt, Feminist)

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Psychoanalytic Therapy
Adlerian Therapy
Existential Therapy
Person-Centered Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
Reality Therapy
Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Feminist Therapy
Family Systems Therapy
These segments are all part of an overall paper I composed regarding major theories of personality and therapy.  Please note that all of these reflect my own opinions and not necessarily those of my wife, Christie.  These are my own personal thoughts and conclusions relating to these theories.  I am making no statements whatsoever regarding professional counseling especially since I am not a practicing counselor.  Further, I do not claim that any of these opinions should be propagated in therapy models. These are merely reasearch papers I wrote for college, they do not necessarily reflect my present day belief on clinical therapy, and should be left at that.